Similar Games

Doodle Alchemy

Sounds familiar ? Doodle Alchemy builds on exactly the same idea as Little Alchemy does: mixing and matching elements to create new ones. This game was developed by Byril. Available on Android, get your copy from Google Play Store if you have not done so.

The game features stunning graphics and great sounds. Personally I like the special theme of the game as it adds a little flavor to the gameplay. Just like Little Alchemy this game starts with four basic elements: air, water, earth, and fire; and offers many more to solve. Those "combinations" are also grouped into different categories such as animal, country, element, food, invention, liquid, machine, man, man-made element, nature, organism, plant and science. Missing any of the elements ? Here is some help: full list of Doodle Alchemy combinations. Playing with Alchemy Classic, Alchemy 1000, Doodle Alchemy Animals or Zed's Alchemy and need help? Please check out AlchemyHelp for hints and guide.


There are tons of quiz games available on smartphones. One of them that clearly stands out is Iconic. Developed by Flow Studio a. and available on iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

Just like other trivia games the main objective of the game to guess and find out word that you see on the picture. Easier said than done. Although the game offers hints that can easily cost you money once you run out of the coins in the game. To help you out guys at Play Next Levels put together a list that contains the correct answers for all levels. Just in case you need you can find complete list of Iconic answers here.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a popular puzzle game sharing many similarities with Bejeweled. It was developed by The game is available on different platforms and OS: Facebook, iOS and Android.

Most people would describe it at as a very addictive game. One of the reasons the game became one of the most popular puzzle game in the world is that it offers more than 500 (and still increasing) levels with different challenges. Each level has an objective which usually can be achieved by matching candies of the same color or combining them with so called power candies. Power candies can be created with matching more than three candies of the same type. Each player gets 5 lives to begin with. After running out of lives one must wait at least 30 minutes before gaining one new life. There is a trick to get practically infinite lives here. The difficulty of each level varies. Luckily there are some hints and tips that will guide you through the hardest levels of the game.


Build the longest path possible, win the game !

Entanglement ( developed by CrateSoft LLC ) is an interesting puzzle game originally introduced the iOS platform. Later on the browser based version was released and added to the Google Chrome Webstore.

The game has a hexagonal board with 6-12-18 element long hexagon rings. That results in a total of 36 hexagon spots where the hexagon tiles can be placed. Each hexagon tile has six pathways printed on it.
The goal of the game is to place the tiles on the board in way that maximizes that length of the path created by connecting the tiles without running into the outer edge or centre tile of the board.

Game rules

  • Tiles can be rotated, but not allowed to be moved after being placed
  • After setting the orientation, the next tile will be provided at the end of the current path
  • No look-ahead is possible, the next tile is not visible before the current one is placed
  • A tile can be swapped with the extra one kept aside

Isoball 3

Build a track to get the ball to the hole !

The third installment of this puzzle game offers 75 new levels and many new block types to test your skills. Build a track for the ball to the get to the hole ( without braking or falling ) by using the provided bridges, blocks, ramps and etc.